The Importance of Post-Massage Care: Tips and Recommendations

The Importance of Post-Massage Care: Tips and Recommendations

Posted on June 26th, 2023

As a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist at Boro Body & Sole, I’ve devoted my professional life to helping others achieve a greater sense of well-being through a variety of therapeutic massage techniques, including Myofascial release-based Deep Tissue, Traditional Thai, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and Integrative Reflexology.

A common misconception about massage therapy is that its benefits are only realized during the actual session. In reality, the choices you make following a massage can significantly impact how your body responds to the therapy. That’s why today, I’d like to talk about post-massage care and why it’s a crucial component of the therapeutic process. Here are some tips and recommendations based on my experience at Boro Body & Sole, right here in Swansboro, North Carolina.

Stay Hydrated

Following your massage, I can’t stress enough how important it is to drink plenty of water. Massage therapy increases circulation in your body and helps to remove toxins. Drinking water aids in flushing these toxins out and replenishing any fluids lost during your session. Dehydration can lead to muscle soreness, fatigue, and a variety of other uncomfortable symptoms. Staying well-hydrated is one of the simplest, yet most effective post-massage care tips.

Rest and Relax

Your body has just undergone a therapeutic process and it's crucial to give it the rest it needs to recover. Taking a nap, getting a good night's sleep, or simply sitting quietly to meditate can give your body the time it needs to absorb the benefits of the massage and heal.


Eating a nutritious meal after your massage can help replenish your body’s energy stores and provide essential nutrients needed for repair and recovery. Avoid heavy, rich foods, as they may cause discomfort or bloating. Opt for lighter fare such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

Strenuous activities such as heavy lifting, intense cardio, or high-intensity interval training should be avoided immediately after a massage. Your muscles have been manipulated during the session and need time to rest and recover.

Listen to Your Body

Every individual's response to massage therapy will be different. It's important to listen to your body's signals. Some may experience muscle soreness or fatigue, while others might feel energized. If you feel pain or discomfort, it's crucial to take note and communicate this with me at your next session.

Stretch and Move

While it's important to avoid strenuous activities, gentle movement can be beneficial. Gentle stretches, walking, or yoga can help keep your muscles flexible and reduce the chances of stiffness or soreness following your massage.

Heat Therapy

Applying a warm towel or heating pad to sore muscles can help soothe any discomfort following a massage. Heat helps to increase blood flow, reduce muscle tightness, and encourage relaxation.

Schedule Regular Massages

Just like exercising regularly yields better results than sporadic workouts, receiving massage therapy on a consistent basis can provide cumulative benefits. Regular massages can help maintain the flexibility and health of your muscles, improve your circulation, and provide ongoing stress relief.

Now, let’s talk about why these recommendations are particularly important for some of the specific types of massage offered at Boro Body & Sole.

Post-Care for Myofascial Release-Based Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage

These types of massage involve a great deal of muscle manipulation, which can cause temporary discomfort. Along with hydrating, stretching gently the day after your massage can help ease any lingering tension. Applying a warm compress to any sore spots can also be beneficial.

Post-Care for Traditional Thai (Northern Style/Nuad Bo Rarn) Massage

After a Thai massage, which involves more stretching and movement than most massage styles, it's particularly important to give your body time to rest. This is a good time to take it easy and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing activity.

Post-Care for Vodder Style Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This massage focuses on the lymphatic system, which plays a crucial role in eliminating waste from the body. Drinking plenty of water after a session helps to facilitate this process. Consuming a balanced meal, full of fruits and vegetables, can also assist your body's natural detoxification process.

Post-Care for Integrative Reflexology

Following a reflexology session, you might feel a sense of calm and relaxation. To continue fostering this sense of peace, try incorporating some quiet meditation or mindfulness practices in the hours following your massage.

Post-Care for Aromatherapy

The essential oils used during aromatherapy massage have a variety of health benefits. After your session, take a moment to breathe deeply and appreciate the lingering scent of the oils. You might find it beneficial to continue using these oils at home, either through diffusers, in baths, or with personal care products.

Post-Care for Prenatal Massage

For expectant mothers, comfort is paramount after a prenatal massage. Pay attention to how you're feeling and allow yourself extra time to rest and relax. Nourishing your body with healthy food is also important, as is maintaining good hydration.

Post-Care for Reiki

Reiki involves energy healing, and post-session, it's common to feel a sense of calm. Like with reflexology, incorporating meditative or mindfulness practices can extend this sense of peace.

As you can see, there are certain general post-massage care tips that apply no matter the type of massage you receive, as well as some specific suggestions depending on the type of therapy.

To summarize, good post-massage care is as important as the massage session itself. Staying hydrated, eating healthy foods, resting, stretching, avoiding strenuous activities, and listening to your body are all crucial steps to take after a massage.

If you have any questions about these post-massage care tips, or if you'd like to book a session to experience the soothing, healing effects of massage therapy, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact me, your Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, at (520) 904 0271 or via email at [email protected]. Here at Boro Body & Sole in Swansboro, North Carolina, your well-being is my top priority. I'm here to help guide you on your wellness journey.

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